2 Piece Graphite Cue



Product Description

This 2 piece graphite cue is an economical and quality stick that will play true fro even the most discerning player. It features a LINEN WRAPPED HANDLE and inner wood core technology that is wrapped with a woven graphite shell. The wood core helps provide better feel and hit while the graphite helps protect the cue from dings, dents and warping and adds more power to your game.

  • 57 Inches Long
  • Quality 9.5mm Stick on Leather Tip.
  • Warp Resistant Graphite, Spill-proof & Easily Cleaned.
  • Frosted Front Half Piece Increases Cue Holding Friction.
  • Smart Grip.
  • Grey with a linen wrapped handle.
  • Approximate Weight - From 17oz. to 18oz.



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