Assembly Overview

We have had a few a few questions about assembly of the tables. A friend of ours recently set up a new table and taken some photos to give people a better idea about what is involved. The quality of the images is not first class and we do apologise.

Before we start please note this is not a how to instruction guide. You receive an easy to follow guide with the table. Also this is not a definitive guide it is just an example each table may have slightly different packaging etc.


  • The table is our 7 foot MDF pool table in Blue. You can see the product here.
  • This build took our friend 2 hours in total and he self describes as "definitely not a handyman".
  • Tools Required: None (but a powered drill is highly recommended
  • People required to build: 2 (the table is quite heavy)


Below is an image of how the table is packaged and delivered



Here is an image of all the parts laid out. It looks like more work then it really is.



You build the table with the top on the ground. Below is an image of the build over half way complete. Flipping the table is probably the most difficult part of the build.



Here is the table finished. Total time was 2 hours and the table plays beautifully.



All our tables come complete with accessories so you can begin playing right away. This is what you will receive:


Hopefully that clears things up for a few people. A little bit of handyman skills is all you need to build a table of this quality in a couple of hours. If you have any questions please contact us.


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