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Our Snooker blog awards have uncovered some amazing sites sure to consume hours of your life, but worth every second. Whether looking for something to give you the latest news on the professional snooker scene, or improve your own snooker game or even assistance on your next snooker bet these blogs will cover all your needs an more. Look no further for the best snooker blogs because they are all here.

Pro Snooker Blog

Matt decided to create his Pro Snooker Blog as a means of sharing his experiences, views, news stories and images from tournaments with snooker fans across the globe. Starting in 2008 Matt has created a destination for any snooker fan and his analysis of the rolling rankings is as useful a post as there can be on professional Snooker.


1. pro snooker


Matt Huart's Pro Snooker Blog

Matt takes a look at the Snooker world and gives us his insightful and knowledgeable take on current events. Its a must read for any professional snooker fan and a testament to the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association for adding the blog to the official website.


2. matt huart


Terry Griffiths Snooker Blog

Ok so Terry’s site is not really a blog but it will help you improve your Snooker game. Terry Boast nearly 50 years experience as a player and a coach so his advice is invaluable. Make sure you check out Terry’s forum a great place to pick some new advice or strategies to add to your game.


15. terry griffiths


Snooker Backer

Snooker Backer shares all the ins and outs of the Snooker world championships and brings you the latest Snooker news, stats and updates through this enthralling blog. The Backer has a betting theme throughout and in this aspect alone the previews and predictions are worth your time alone. But this blog is more than that it is an insightful, comprehensive and enjoyable review of the professional snooker scene.


5a. snookerbacker

Inside Snooker

Inside Snooker is the brainchild of Hector Nunns a freelance snooker reporter for over 12 years. The blog is a great way to keep up with the latest news but we here prefer his comment post where Hector provides his considered and elegant opinion on a range of topics affecting the snooker world. Bonus points must go to Hector as well for the design of the blog which is simple yet beautiful.


8. inside-snooker


Living Snooker

"Living Snooker has just one priority, bringing snooker fans news and opinion direct from snooker player's in the form of snooker blogs. No pundit analysis, public forum or independent view. This is just snooker players talking direct to snooker fans." We copied this directly from Living Snooker but it beautifully summed up what they are about. Hear from David Grace, Barry Hawkins, Mark Selby, Paul Collier and Stuart Bingham just to name a few.


6. living-snooker-logo


Mark Selby

World Snooker Champion, Mark Selby, shares in his blog his love for snooker. Pro since 1999 Mark says "I love snooker for what it is, and not for the money. I enjoy a game and I’m glad when I can give something back to all the fans and supporters". And he does this through his site for all his fans, from a thorough look at his career and its many successes all the way to links to all his media appearances and everything in between.


3. Mark Selby


Snooker HQ

The blog to keep you updated with the current World Rankings and Snooker News 24/7. David has an educational background in Journalism and established SnookerHQ to combine his two loves of writing and snooker and with Fin Ruane and Jonathan Williams helping him has created a blog you probably should bookmark. SnookerHQ provides up-to-date reports, analysis and comment as well as interviews, stats and quizzes to consume you for plenty of hours.


12. snookerhq-logo1


Love Snooker

Love Snooker aims to provide you with the ultimate home of snooker on the web, featuring the latest news, live scores, player profiles and much more. Their connections in the game mean we will be able to provide exclusive content and bring you closer to the players, offering Exhibitions and expert player tutorials.

7. love snooker


Snooker Delight

Snooker Delight is a free snooker training resource and a good one at that. The blog by Mayur Jobanputra helps students become better snooker players and provides help through formal snooker coaching, posting articles and providing direct feedback to students that can share their concerns here. In particular we like the Analysis of professional players as a coaching tool, but all the information is gold for any level of snooker player.


14. logo-final-1


World Snooker Blog

Matt, a professional snooker player himself, blogs about the life of snooker, his triumphs and defeats and  his goal to get into the top 32 for the World Championship qualifiers. We hope Matt continues blogging but for now the archives are interesting enough to warrant a mention in our awards.

Site: snooker



This snooker blog focuses on the World Snooker Championships statistics & selections. Another blog to focus on the gambling side of Snooker, but if you are thinking of having a punt on any tournament you best check here first for the best tips, opinion and stats to make your decision.




Snooker, My Love

Ramona uses a quirky form to blog passionately about all things snooker. This blog shares news on the Snooker world championships, interviews with snooker players, player blogs and covers snooker press conferences all sprinkled with a bit of Romana's with and humour.


10. snooker my love


All Things Snooker

Welcome to Alan's McManus’ blog on all things snooker. This blog will bring you some of the news and views on the World Snooker tour from the player’s perspective. It shares the pro’s and con’s of life on the snooker tour. It also covers a range from his opinion on grass roots snooker, the state of the amateur game, Tour qualifying criteria, the tougher end at the lower reaches of the pro rankings and the cost involved, right through to issues regarding players at the higher end of the snooker spectrum.


11. Alan


On Cue

Besides being the best pun named blog on the list, On Cue snooker blog is a cutting-edge baize opinion at its finest, written by Gary Moss. A captivating blog that covers snooker pro events, player profiles and write ups on  snooker match's.


13. oncue_worlds2



Congratulations to all the wonderful blogs, hopefully they can help take your game to the next level or at least give you something to look over for countless hours. If you like these blogs please give them the recognition they deserve by sharing these results with one of the buttons below.

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