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If you’re looking for interesting, practical, and educational billiard blogs, than you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best billiard blogs online. This exclusive list will save you time as you easily find the most exciting, up to date and informative billiard blogs. Whether you’re a professional player or a home based champion, these billiard blogs will give you the tools, tips and techniques you need to get the most out of your game as well as covering all other aspects of the biliard world! So in no particular order lets take a look at this years winners:


Billiards Digest

Billiards Digest (BD) is a monthly magazine covering all aspects of billiards worldwide by a team of talented billiard journalists. However its site is packed full of awesome information as well from tutorial videos to industry news and everything in between. BD also host an amazing forum and should be part of your saved sites when looking at anything billiard related.




Poison Blog

The Poison Blog shares the latest news and info from recent Billiard tours, launches, and events. You can also keep up to date with new billiard products, playing tips, events, exclusive offers and more.


15. poison-logo


Talisman Billiards Blog

If you want to get serious about the game and improve your skills. and are looking to learn the basics of billiards, this article will get you started. Billiards is a game that seems simple, but is actually quite complex and challenging. There is a lot to learn and perfecting the game can take years but this blog will help you learn these skills and help you to b a better player in no time.


9. Talisman


Untold Stories: Billiards History Blog

The Untold Stories: Billiards History blog is a joint effort between Billiards Digest and Hustler Days author R.A. Dyer. The blog contains billiard related interview excerpts, documents, photos, information and research materials including interview transcripts and little-seen photographs and movies.


18. blog_header_pix


The Black Widow

Jeanette Lee is known world wide as “The Black Widow” in the sporting world of Billiards has one of the most illustrious careers in billiards history. Repeatedly recognized by Billiards Digest as one of the sport’s most powerful people, Jeanette has claimed more than 30 national and international titles. Formerly ranked as the #1 player in the world, she has received the greatest honors in her sport with her inductions into the WPBA and BCA Hall of Fame's.


14. black widow


A Journey into Billiards

Johnny started this blog to document his own progress, achievements and failures alike. He become entirely absorbed by pool. He watches pool videos and streaming events online as often as possible, he searches for other pool players' blogs, he watches other players at the hall, he listens to the instructors when they're giving lessons and shares his journey through this enthralling blog.


5. Jonny 101


The Physics of Billiards

If you would like to know the concept behind the game of billiards and the scientific physics that make up the game of billiards than this is the bog for you to follow. This sport is different than others because it SCREAMS physics: collisions, angels of incidence and reflection, friction and many other concepts are what this sport revolves around.


10. physics


Handbook of the Billiard Gods

This blog is run by Allan P. Sand a PBIA & ACS Instructor/Referee with more than 40 years experience of shooting, coaching and mentoring. And boy does this experience show, Allan’s blog dedicates itself to making you better player with hints and tips for everyone but a real focus on the serious player. If you want to be a better player than starting here is a great option.




The Coolest Pool Trick Shots

Want to keep up to date with what's new in the world of billiards, than this blog is one to watch. Fast Eddie’s Billiards blogs will enlighten you wannabe hustlers and will also show you a few cool pool trick shots.

11. fast eddies


Diary of a Pool Shooter

This pool and billiards blog is a diary of Michael McCafferty, aka "FastMikie" pool adventures in search of truth and beauty in the art of pocket billiards. It's all here, as it happens. The lessons, the wins, and even the losses. The people, the strategies and the raw emotions.




Billiards For Beginners

In the Billiards For Beginners blog, you will learn a lot about billiards including all of the basic techniques for playing billiards/pool. By learning theses basic techniques you will enjoy playing pool and will help make for a better game.


6. billiards for beginners


Billiards Professor

The "Billiards Professor" aka Michael Glass, is a PBIA Billiards Instructor and has been teaching billiards for over 10 years. If you are board of your usual game of billiards, than this blog is one to follow to learn some new games to play when you want to play something a little more unconventional and bring the spark back into your billiards game.


7. billiards professor


Ace's Pool Blog

This blog talks of the ramblings of an incredibly honest but lousy pool player. This blog is about the grand old game of pocket billiards including tips and techniques, accessories advice, pool leagues & tournaments, looking after your cues and cue tips and much more.


8. Aces blog


Billiards & Pool

A fantastic blog site that shares billiard drills, teaches a variety of different billiards shots, instructional videos, drill diagrams and explains the rules of the game. Everything you need to know to help improve your game.


12. pool billiards


Notey Billiard Blog

This is the place to get your daily dose of all things Billiards. It is full of insightful videos and trick shots, the best places to play billiards, reviews, interesting billiard must reads and some of the most incredible billiards shots you’ll ever see.


13. tournament-billiards-table


Fort Worth Billiards Blog

Check out their blogs for the latest billiard trends, products, accessories and upcoming events. There are also tips for billiard table installation and leveling tips.


16. Fort worth Billiards


Ernie's Pool and Billiards Blog

Welcome to the Pool and Pocket Billiards Resource site blog. Here you will find articles and tips to help your pool game. Ernie Reynolds loves to play pool and has been playing pool ever since he was able to finagle the quarters to put in the bowling alley pool table when he was a kid. He often thinks about how magical it is to be able to make two round objects move at the precise angles necessary to find the pocket and sink the balls.


17. Ernie


Angle Of Reflection

Michael Reddick has been playing pool for about 20 years, but never too seriously. This changed last year when he read Daniel Coyle’s great book, “The Talent Code.”  Now Michael is on a mission to transform himself:  medical professional by day, professional pool player by night. This intriguing blog is about his transformation.


19. reddick


Billiards Boutique

Billiards boutique's blog will keep you up to date with the latest billiard championships and tours as well as video's of amazing trick shots. They also share tips and tricks of the billiard world for you to try at home.




King of Billards

A blog created by Matt "Quick Draw" Sherman who has taught hundreds of pool's fundamentals and advanced techniques, performed shows with the world's finest trick shot artists including Mike Massey and Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman, and has directed pool leagues, tournaments, charity events and adult education classes. He offers free pool help online in this blog. He is a "pool physician," curing student faults in moments, and he helps develops new billiards equipment.


20. matt sherman


Congratulations to all the wonderful blogs, hopefully they can help take your game to the next level or at least give you something to look over for countless hours. If you like these blogs please give them the recognition they deserve by sharing these results with one of the buttons below.

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