Top 6 Must-Have Pool Table Accessories

Playing pool can be a lot of fun. Perhaps that is why so many people own pool tables and accessories. Played in homes and businesses all over the world, pool has become a favorite pastime for many, and a lucrative career for some. The strategy of the game is exhilarating and is only further exemplified by the fact that good equipment makes the competition even better. Whether playing casually or as part of a team, there are at least 6 things that every enthusiastic pool player needs.

  1. Pool Cues

The cue, or pool stick, is as important to game as the table itself. Without a high quality cue, playing pool is both frustrating and impossible. Pool cues are found in an assortment of shapes and sizes, but a lot should be considered before choosing one. The ideal cue should be straight and well-balanced, as well as weighted appropriately for the user and the type of shot being taken. While not all cues are made in multiple pieces, those high end models do tend to promote better game success.


  1. Cue Stand

Now that you have chosen the perfect pool cue, you need to pick out a stand to put it on. This is to protect your investment and to make the game more accessible to all players. Cue stands and racks make it easy for you to prevent accident and promote fairness among competitors. On top of that, cue stands usually look pretty cool hanging in the game room too.

  1. Crutch

When picking out your cues and stand, be sure to considering buying a crutch stick for your collection. As you get better at pool you may not need it, but it never hurts to have it available for players who can’t quite reach the ball. Those impossible trick shots can be made possible with the help of a pool crutch, and everyone in the room can enjoy a game if they so choose.

  1. Chalk

There are multiple uses for chalk at the pool table. For one, those tiny square-shaped chalks are great for preventing your cue from slipping off the ball. For two, the larger cone-shaped chalks are ideal for getting rid of sweaty palms when gloves aren’t available. Either way, pool chalk is definitely a must-have when you want to play like you mean it.

  1. Ball Racks

Although it’s possible to arrange your game balls without a rack, some players might see that as unfair. In order to play the game the way it was intended, you must use the appropriate rack. Whether enjoying 8-ball or 9-ball pool, the rack you choose will keep everything on the table in perfect order so that each player can participate in the game with confidence.

  1. High Quality Balls

The balls on your table need more than a rack; they need to be solid. Keep in mind that not all pool balls are created equally, and that some might lose their integrity over time. Solid pool balls tend to last longer and can make game play much smoother as well. Some balls are even decorated in a fun way, which gives you even more customizable options from which to choose.


While your style of pool may differ from others’, it is still important to have these top 6 must-have items before you invite competitors to play. Pool can be fun for everyone, and is actually considered a legitimate sport. With the right equipment, you could possible grow to be the next world champion or even revolutionize the way the game is played..

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