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  • What to Look Out for When Buying Second-Hand Pool Tables

    Playing a game of pool doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune or spend your days in a bar or pool hall. All it takes is some savvy shopping to find exactly what you want. No two pool tables are exactly alike, even the ones that come straight from the manufacturer. So that means, a second-hand pool table definitely needs your close attention before you pay for it.

  • Top 6 Must-Have Pool Table Accessories

    Playing pool can be a lot of fun. Perhaps that is why so many people own pool tables and accessories. Played in homes and businesses all over the world, pool has become a favorite pastime for many, and a lucrative career for some. The strategy of the game is exhilarating and is only further exemplified by the fact that good equipment makes the competition even better. Whether playing casually or as part of a team, there are at least 6 things that every enthusiastic pool player needs.